Life at Ground Level: What you can do to help eliminate homelessness

As Christians, we are called to help "the least of these" and that includes the homeless

Our book and course will let you see what it is like to be homeless, teach you about homelessness and what you can do about it.

Homelessness is a big problem and is getting worse over time.  Learn what it is like to be homeless in our novel, "Life at Ground Level" and then take a deeper dive into homelessness and look at what strategies are available for helping the homeless get off the streets and into homes through our course.  The course has six sessions with videos, scripture lessons, and discussion questions.  The book and course are designed to be used together with the book giving you a sense of what it is like to be homeless and the course teaching you what action you can take to help the homeless. 

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Each person should have a copy of the book as we will reference it in the course.

Curriculum: Six Video Modules

About Your Instructor

Bruce Rasmussen

Bruce Rasmussen

Author, lay pastor and speaker

Bruce was actually on the street following a divorce, illness and job loss prior to meeting Janet.  That was what gave him a calling to write the book, "Life at Ground Level" so others would understand the experience of homelessness.  It took many years and collaborating with Janet to make the book happen.  And from there, it was apparent that a course was needed to help people take a deeper dive into homelessness and to learn what they can do to help eliminate it.

What you will learn

Who are the homeless and how are we called to help them.

What kinds of programs are available to help them and what does your community offer?

Housing First: how and why it works

The Politics of Homelessness

Other necessary services

How do we fund it


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Bonus Material


Who Are the Homeless and Why Should We Help Them?

Common misconceptions that people have about the homeless


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